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Best Scroll Saws is the leading source of information on power saws on the internet, with our online store, power saw reviews and how to guides on all different types, manufacturers and models on the market. We only offer the best, so if you are looking for quality with a great price than you have come to the right place.

Looking for the best saw for your next project? Searching for the best miter saw to spend your hard earned money on? Want to get a great deal on your next circular saw, or maybe its time for a table saw upgrade? Browse through our most popular categories and find the best saws on the market from manufacturers like DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Skil, Jet & Bosch.

Saw Reviews

Need help deciding which saw you should buy? Get unbiased expert reviews on all different types of power saws. Don’t buy unless you are 100% satisfied with what you read on our top rated saws. We research and review constantly to keep you up to date and informed with the latest technology in power saws. We strive to make your next purchase of a power saw, the right one and one that you will be happy with.

Saw Guides

Looking for how to guides and videos to help you through your next project? offers expert advice for professionals, hobbyists, and 1st time to do-it-yourselfers. Find instructional information, including common safety precautions and basic and advanced help by clicking the below links:

Power Saw Authority is the webs leading portal for everything that has power and cuts, period. We offer an array of saws in our online store. Choose between miter saws, jigsaws, band saws, wet saws, recipro-saws, table saws, and many, many more types that get added and updated EVERY DAY! If there is a project that involves cutting, we have the power tool for you. With the best brand names in the industry such as Dewalt, Jet, Makita, Delta and Festool we offer quality products with unbeatable prices.

Miter Saw

Getting ready to buy a miter saw? We carry the leading brand names in the power saw business with prices that you just cant beat! Need help deciding which miter saw to buy? No problem, we review the top rated models to assist you in your buying experience. See the different types of miter saws that are available so you can get the miter saw that is right for you.

Standard Miter Saw

Standard miter saws are the most basic miter saws on the market. They are ideal for first timers or contractors that need to continuously cut at the same degree and angle, over and over again. Similar to a chop saw a standard has a fixed vertical pivot and rotating table allowing for a horizontal miter cut.

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is a little bit more advanced than the conventional standard model allowing for the blade and cutter head to be tilted to make a bevel cut. Also a good starter saw for a beginner the compound miter is the tool you need to cut crown molding and is essential to have to perform a host of other woodworking projects that need an angled cut.compound miter saw

Sliding Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is the next step up on the miter saw food chain. It is much more versatile and advanced than its predecessors. It can do everything that a compound can, plus has a sliding capability so that they head and blade can reach much larger, wider cutting stock.

Dual Bevel Miter Saw

The dual bevel miter saw is just like the compound sliding saw with the capability to flip the blade to either the left or right. This makes cutting bevels in either direction as easy since you don’t have to remove stock and reset it upside down or backwards. A real time saver the dual bevel miter saw is the most sophisticated miter saw that you can buy.

Circular Saw

No tool shed is complete without a powerful hand held circular saw to help take care of the most primary daily cutting routines on the job site or at home. We compare the best models and give you unbiased reviews with customer feedback. There are a few different types of circular saws, so making sure that you are getting the right saw for the job can save you time and money.

Electric Circular Saw

Electric circular saws are the ideal tool for cutting wood such as plywood, and the blades can be swapped for better cutting with other materials. Electric circular saws come in either right handed or left handed models and depth of cut and blade rotations per minute vary from model to model.

dewalt circular saw

Cordless Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is another type of circular saw that is powered by a battery instead of an electric cord. They allow for more mobility and ease of use, but can be less powerful depending on the make and model.

Worm Drive Circular Saw

Worm drive saws offer more power for the user. A worm drive circular saw is designed so that the motor is behind the blade and the saw itself is overall heavier than other types. This makes for a stronger cutting motion and they are ideal saws for heavy duty construction sites cutting a lot of plywood and dry wall.

Table Saw

Woodworking professionals need the best quality and most precise cutting tools in today’s competitive job market. Skilled professionals know that with technological advances on tools and machinery buying the right table saw can make the difference on the outcome of the final product. There are different types of table saws that contractors need to evaluate before making a buying decision.

jet table saw reviewJobsite Table saw

A job site table is also known as a portable or bench-top table saw, is the best table saw for those that need to bring their tools to the field. They are lightweight and less expensive on average than other table saw types.

Contractor Table Saw

Contractor table saws are heavier than benchtop saws, they attach onto a stand that will usually have wheels. Induction motors are usually working at 1 to 2 horsepower with contractor saws and these are the most popular saws for hobbyists and homeowners because the electrical power needed to run one is manageable for basement or garage use.

Cabinet Table Saw

Professional woodworkers and carpenters usually settle on buying a cabinet table saw for their shop. They are much heavier than other types, made mainly out of steel and iron so the saw remains steady and stationary greatly improving the accuracy of cuts. A 10” blade is common place for most cabinet table saws.

Hybrid Table Saw

The hybrid table saws recently emerged as a new category appealing to high end contractors, that want the precision and quality they can get with a cabinet saw, but with the lightweight and portability that comes with a contractor saw. Hybrid table saws run more expensive than portable or contractor saws in average.

Shop Smart

In today’s economy it is vital that you are buying quality tools, that are built to last! Weather you are a woodworking novice, or an experienced craftsman getting the best bang for your buck can save you time and money. A smart shopper is an educated shopper and this why we divulge a large portion of our site to reviews. After you make your next power saw purchase stop back again, to use our online learning resources and saw accessories that you may need.

Quality Tools

From compound miter saws, to table saws and band sawsprecision” is the keyword for completing excellent detailed work. The wood working tools that we offer can be used to make cabinets, crown molding, decks, picture frames and a host of other home improvement projects. Not a wood worker? Plumbers, electricians and masons can find sawzalls and stone cutting saws for their everyday duties at

Safety First

At we believe that safety comes first weather you are on the job site or roughing out your basement to make it into a den. It is important to read the instruction manuals that come with your tools and follow them carefully and closely.

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